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With our accessorya you can extend the functionality of our gasdosing valves. There are different extensions for different versions.


Heating cartridge with controller

Heating Cartridge with Control

All Gasdosing valves have a boring in which a standard heating cartridge can be mounted. Baking takes place exactly where it is mostly useful: direct to the valve seat. 

We provide a 200W highpower-heating cartridge with control. The controller is set up by us, so that baking is immediately available.

Manaul Gasdosing Valve with vernier

New - Vernier for Manual Actuator

With teh vernier you can exactly read the postion of the manually operated valve. Thereby an extraordinary high repeatability is ensured. The vernier is engraved on

All standard valves are now equipped with e vernier.

Motor cable extension

Motor Cable Extension

We provide extensions for the motor cable of 2m, 5m, 10m and 15m length. On request we readily produce the bale length you wish for.